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XML Printer is a virtual printer driver allowing you to convert any printable document to a structured and easy-to-read XML file.

What is a virtual printer?

Virtual printer is a (physically) non-existing printer that acts to the operating system like any other printer. This way the system (or application) prints as it would be an ordinary print device (ensures that the document will look the same), but instead of printing it stores all the printed information.

What is the output?

Output of XML Printer is a XML file, which is easy to read and understand and contains just enough information to completely reconstruct the original document, for example:

What is XML Printer good for?

XML Printer comes in handy in following sample scenarios:

  • to extract information from applications that don't allow exports,
  • when mass data processing is required,
  • to unify the document format from various sources (Word, Excel, OpenOffice, PDF, ...),
  • to convert hard-to-read documents to a more readable form (e.g. PDF, PS, ...),
  • to filter printed output to desired fields only,
  • and many more...


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Latest news

XML Printer 3.6.2 released


Finally, after 1.5 years of waiting, we have released an update to XML Printer 3.6.

It has many reliability issues fixed, along with some new features. XML Printer still remains free for personal and non-commercial use.

Go ahead and download the new XML Printer today.

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