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XML Printer Changelog


Version 3.6.3 (build 8236) released 12/20/2016

  • Added: Driver signing for Win7/8/10 compatibility 

Version 3.6.2 (build 8220) released 02/20/2012

  • Added: "Save as..." as a post-processing step
  • Added: "Delete" as a post-processing step
  • Fixed: Drawing curves in Composer
  • Fixed: IE9 compatibility
  • Fixed: Few more reliability bugs

Version 3.6.1 (build 8013) released 09/03/2010

  • Added: New functions in Parser (Matches, Regex, Format, Replace)
  • Fixed: Speed of parser learning
  • Added: Support for output to shared network paths
  • Fixed: Conversion to PDF of landscape or non-standard pages
  • Fixed: Importing settings was not changing output flags
  • Fixed: Page size was missing for some printouts
  • Fixed: Support for nested functions in Parser
  • Fixed: Dispatcher blocked by URL ACL on Win7 and Win2003
  • Fixed: A couple of Parser bugs
  • Added: Composer: Zoom fit page
  • Added: Composer: Ctrl + Mouse wheel to zoom

Version 3.6 (build 7183) released 11/26/2009

  • Fixed: Reinstalling previous versions disabled entering license code
  • Fixed: Removing document type caused application crash
  • Fixed: Landscape printing from certain applications

Version 3.6 (build 6767) released 11/03/2009

  • Added: Parser based on Artificial neural networks
  • Added: Command line configuration
  • Added: XML Scanner
  • Added: Multi-language support
  • Changed: Composer user interface
  • Added: Export/import settings and document types
  • Added: Function field support in Parser
  • Added: Default values and temporary fields in Parser
  • Added: Ability to join multiple fields into one in Parser
  • Added: Execute processing step can reference original file (either XPS or PNG)
  • Added: Execute processing step can reference file name without extension
  • Added: Optional file base specification
  • Added: Required free registration
  • Fixed: A lot of bugs...

Version 3.5 (build 3512) released 07/31/2009

  • Added: Fillmode attribute for paths in XML
  • Fixed: Closed paths ending with curves
  • Fixed: Application crashes when printing 1000+ pages
  • Fixed: Landscape mode in Composer
  • Fixed: Curves plotting in Composed

Version 3.5 (build 2690) released 05/07/2009

  • Added: Composer and Parser available without license key
  • Added: Conversion to PDF
  • Added: Reprinting documents 
  • Added: One-click bug-reporting
  • Added: Statistics
  • Changed: HTML-based user interface
  • Changed: Post-processing steps

Version 3.4 (build 2081) released 12/16/2008

  • Added: Support for Microsoft Vista
  • Fixed: Installation issues 

Version 3.3 (build 226) released 10/13/2008

  • Added: Separate HTTP Post setup
  • Added: Full proxy settings

Version 3.3 (build 188) released 09/02/2008

  • Added: Support for 64-bit operating systems
  • Added: Default proxy settings used when posting files
  • Fixed: Long application paths or URLs were not stored in configuration

Version 3.3 (build 183) released 07/25/2008

  • Added: Custom post parameters can be defined when posting output
  • Added: Post processing applications are run from user's profile

Version 3.3 (build 141) released 06/27/2008

  • Added: XML Printer output can be directly posted to a specified URL
  • Added: Document attributes are preserved in the parsed document
  • Fixed: Stroke color is always present in path elements

Version 3.2 (build 135) released 04/30/2008

  • Fixed: Parser and Composer (when showing fields) ignored second and successive pages

Version 3.2 (build 131) released 04/21/2008

  • Fixed: Printer was offline by default

Version 3.2 (build 127) released 02/22/2008 

  • Added: Phrase joining when kerning is used
  • Fixed: Joined words in some printjobs
  • Fixed: Slow printing speed

Version 3.1 (build 99) released 01/15/2008

  • Fixed: DTD Scheme included in the output
  • Fixed: Null reference exception in Composer

Version 3.1 (build 88) released 12/14/2007

  • Fixed: Path outputting even if avoided in the settings
  • Fixed: Port monitor not working and not configurable under Windows Vista
  • Changed: Simplified installation scripts without auxiliary setup files

Version 3.0 (build 38) released 11/22/2007

  • Added: Printer supporting temporary fonts
  • Added: Composer supporting temporary fonts
  • Fixed: Creating strange subdirectories in output directory
  • Fixed: Drawing curves in Composer

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XML Printer 3.6.2 released


Finally, after 1.5 years of waiting, we have released an update to XML Printer 3.6.

It has many reliability issues fixed, along with some new features. XML Printer still remains free for personal and non-commercial use.

Go ahead and download the new XML Printer today.

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