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Command Line Options

Many of the XML Printer tasks can be invoked via command line by running the {Program Files}/XML Printer/xmlprn.exe executable. The list below describes the possible parameters and their usage.


Opens the XML Printer Statistics page in the default browser.


Opens the XML Printer Settings page in the default browser.


Opens the XML Printer Logs page in the default browser.


Starts the XML Printer Dispatcher. Dispatcher is a daemon process that runs in the background and handles all the print jobs. XML Printer won’t work when Dispatcher is not running, however Dispatcher is automatically launched every time when you start your computer, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Stops the Dispatcher if currently running.

/composer [xmlfile]

Starts the XML Printer Composer utility for visualizing XML Printer output and defining document types for Parser.


Shows a message box with current version and plugin.

/export <filename.dat>

Exports current XML Printer settings into a specified file.

/import <filename.dat>

Imports an exported file, either settings of document type.

/configure [key=value [key1=value1 [...]]]

Changes the XML Printer settings directly from command line. Possible key/value combinations are as follows:

  • Key: outputdir
    Value: The directory where to store XML Printer output
  • Key: outputflags
    Value: A combination of six binary digits, where the individual digits represent text, image, path, utf-16, dtd and xps output respectively as described in Settings
  • Key: proxyserver, proxyuser, proxypwd
    Value: The name of the proxy server, user and password to use in Post processing step
  • Key: clearsteps
    Value: None, this only instructs XML Printer to remove all processing steps
  • Key: addstep
    Value: A comma-separated action code (1-Execute, 2-Reprint, 3-Parse, 4-Post, 5-Convert to PDF) and it’s corresponding parameter 

/convert <xpsfile> <outputfile> [<outputflags> [<documentname>]]

Converts an XPS file into XML Printer formatted XML. Argument outputflags is the same as in /configure option above; default value is taken from XML Printer Settings. Argument documentname defaults to “XML Printer Document”.

/parse <inputfile> <documenttype> [<outputfile>]

Parses the document in inputfile using documenttype and saves the output into outputfile. Argument documenttype can have special value “autoselect”, where XML Printer chooses the document type that fits the input document best. If outputfile is missing, the inputfile is overwritten with the parsed data.

/reprint <inputfile> <printername>

Prints the document pointed to by inputfile on a printer named printername. Inputfile can be either an XML or XPS file, printername must be an exact name of an existing printer.

/converttopdf <inputfile> <outputfile>

Converts the XML file in inputfile to PDF and saves the output in outputfile.

/saveas <inputfile>

(Since v3.6.2) Opens the "Save as..." dialog and allows the user to save a copy of the inputfile document (along with the dependencies, e.g. images). This leaves the original document untouched.

/delete <inputfile>

(Since v3.6.2) Deletes the inputfile document and all its dependencies (images, fonts, etc.)


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Finally, after 1.5 years of waiting, we have released an update to XML Printer 3.6.

It has many reliability issues fixed, along with some new features. XML Printer still remains free for personal and non-commercial use.

Go ahead and download the new XML Printer today.

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